Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Here is a little something I found on the intranet about accomplishing your resolutions. Good luck!

Choose Your Resolutions

Before we dive into goal trackers and resolution reminder systems, first make sure you've nailed down exactly what you want to achieve. Management expert Peter Drucker recommended that teams use the S.M.A.R.T. acronym as a guideline for setting objectives, and it works for personal goals, too. Your SMART New Year's resolutions should be:
  • Specific. Don't just say "Lose weight." Decide to "Lose 12 pounds."
  • Measurable. Instead of "Be better about corresponding with old friends," decide to "Send out birthday and holiday cards to my high school friends."
  • Achievable. "Be the perfect employee/mom/sister/spouse" is an admirable goal, but nobody's perfect, no matter how resolved they are. Make your resolution something that's possible—like, "Improve next year's performance review by at least one grade."
  • Realistic. You've only got so many hours in the day, so make your goals realistic based on what resources and tools you've got on hand. Learning how to milk a cow, for example, is less realistic for someone who lives in the middle of Manhattan.
  • Timely. Since these are New Year's resolutions, set goals you can reach at most within the next 12 months. Giving yourself a "deadline" of sorts will help you figure out where you should be when while tracking your progress.


Scott and Megan said...

genius! Thanks for those! That seriously helped me! I get so caught up at making goals that no matter what, I always let myself down :) Those were fantastic ideas. Thanks again!

Lindsey Bunjes said...

I havent even had a chance to sit and think about what goals I want to make! THanks for the ideas to think about, I will definately keep them in mind!

Moreau's said...

I love you guys! That was awesome advise! My resolutions will be minimal, because I too sometimes get way overwhelmed at the thought of all that I need to do to improve. So I am taking small steps, because I don't need anymore guilt!
2008 is great!

ashlee sheppard said...

I knew you would tell on us Jackie!! It was only a matter of time before people found out that we have no idea what to do with children most of all our own child. Hey I am so happy to come do his pictures. I think it will be so fun. Do you guys know a sat. that will work for my family pictures? Our weekends are going fast.