Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tender Mercies

I have been so blessed lately. For those of you who don't know I lost my wedding rings in September. As you can imagine I was very sad. I knew the Lord had the power to help me find them. So I got down and started to pray and ask for help finding them. Well I felt so peaceful that I just knew I couldn't worry. And then another week passed and I still wouldn't be able to find my rings. So I would pray about them again. Again I would feel peace. Well this cycle continued until I decided I just needed to trust in the Lord. It really was a weird feeling because I knew I should be worried and frustrated and sad because I had lost my wedding rings. There is no way we could afford to replace them and darn it they are just so sentimental to me. But every time I tried to get upset about them I would think about the answer I had received and know I needed to trust in the Lord. Well about a week ago I decided I would just a fake ring to wear, so people would know I'm married. Because let's face it without a wedding ring I truly look like a 17 year old teenager. ( Believe me it embarrassing when teenagers think you go to the same High School as they do.)

Anyway I decided I would go to the store while Mike was at his Saturday morning class. When I got up that day I felt like I needed to clean out our storage/junk room. This was something that I had felt like I needed to do for weeks, but kept putting it off. Well I bit the bullet and cleaned and organized the darn room. It took a few sweet hours of perspiration and looking at old memories. As I was cleaning, I was throwing away useless things we were holding onto. I came across a few catalogs for furniture we had got in the mail and put them off to the side to look at later. When I finished the rest of the room the two catalogs were still sitting to the side where I had left them. I decided to look through them before getting rid of them. I went in to the study and sat down with them. As I sat down I felt something hard in the catalog. i opened the catalog expecting one of Mike's candy wrappers to fall out and saw instead my wedding rings. I could hardly believe my eyes!

I am just so thankful for my Heavenly Father's tender mercies. I know in the long scheme of things a few pieces of jewelery won't affect eternity. But He knows how much they mean to me and so he helped me to find my rings. I really feel it a miracle. I am so grateful for the tender mercies I experience daily. I am blessed!


b-ryce said...

Morals of the story: The lord loves you. And, candy wrappers inside catalogs, inside storage rooms are not the best place for wedding rings.

The Five that Jive said...

What a sweet story!! I had a mini story like that yesterday...I couldn't find something...and I prayed...and immediately I knew where to look. The Lord is always watching out for us. You are a such a fun, beautiful girl...and I'm so glad to visit teach you!!

ali cross said...

Jackie, what a wonderful story! I had one sort of like that too ...

Our oldest and terribly troubled son told me FOUR YEARS AGO that he had flushed my wedding ring down the toilet (I was in the habit of taking my ring off when I showered and putting it on a little tray on my counter). Because this boy was so troubled, I believed him, naturally.

Like you, I had prayed and prayed - should I get a plumber? was the ring really hiding somewhere else in the house? Should I kill my kid? But every time I just felt like it was okay.

This summer we were cleaning out our garage and I finally decided to move a small cabinet David had made from the garage (where it was holding on to jumk) to a room in the house where it could have a more dignified use.

I first wanted to clean out the junk. And guess what I found? You guessed it! On the bottom shelf of the cabinet, covered in dust was my 100 year old wedding ring! It is such a treasure to me, irreplaceable.

Though David did give me new rings for our fifteenth wedding anniversary last year, I am still so happy to have my ring back because it represents so much love.

I am so happy for you that you too found your rings. Especially grateful you were able to listen to the Spirit and not just chuck those mags!

KarliSue said...

This is such a amazing story! I love how the Lord knows everything and he knew that you would find your rings eventually. So he gave you peace. I admire you so much that you didn't let yourself get upset even though it would have been really easy too. You felt a calming spirit from our Father in Heaven and you Trusted in that That is not a easy thing to do! Thank you for sharing this story with all of us!!

7 Baldwin's said...

I'm glad you found your rings! I did the same thing a few months ago! So glad you found them!!!!

PS- love the Europe pics!!!!

miller family said...

that is so great - i am so glad you found them!!

you are such a great person. thanks for always being so kind to me:)
tiffany (miller)

Hannah Jones said...

Jackie! Remember when your ring got damaged one time in Primary? Those rings are sure giving you some stories to tell! I'm so glad you found them, and good for you to have the faith that they would be found. It's hard having patience, but trusting Heavenly Father always turns out! :)

elshmobelsh said...

It is so amazing how many people the Lord helps and how many people lose their rings. ;o) Jay did the same thing a couple years ago and guess where he found it! After several weeks of wearing his suit to church he found the ring in the cuff of his pant leg. It was a miracle that it hadn't fallen out after all that time!!!! I'm so glad the Lord helped you find yours and what a great lesson in trust!

Anonymous said...

Jackie! I found your blog! I'm really glad you found your rings. I'm sure I would have been panicked. Lesson of the story for me I guess is to pray and have faith. By the way, I'm so jealous you got to go to Europe!

Elaine said...

That is such a wonderful story. You are so faithful....

Lynette Callister said...

Hi Jackie,
I found your blog!
That story, although small, is very powerful and I love it! Thanks for sharing.
The Lord is awesome!