Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hanna's Story

Well now that Hanna is a week old I think I better write down her entrance into the world before I forget it. On Thursday July 15th I started having contractions around *;30 at night. they were 10 to 15 minutes apart so i didn't worry about them too much. I took a walk outside later that night to see if they would get any closer together but no luck, so I went to bed. In the morning I was still having contractions about 10-15 minutes apart so i decided to take Karver to the aquarium. We had a blast walking around and looking at the fish but those darn contractions would not get any closer together. So i gave up and figured they would get closer together when they were ready to. the rest of the day passed about the same. With the contractions getting to be 6 minutes apart for a while and then back to 8 minutes than 10 than 6. Nothing consistent.

Before I was checked into the hospital with Karver they sent me home twice and I did not want that to happen with this pregnancy. So I was determined not to go to the hospital until my contractions were 3 minutes apart, just to make sure they didn't send me home again.

Around midnight my contractions were consistently about 4-6 minutes apart. once again I was experiencing back labor. Though this time I used a breathing exercise that really helped me relax and get through each contraction. Finally at 12:30 we decided to go to the hosptial. I was afaid they were going to send us home but felt like we should go. a good friend came and got Karver adn Mike and I headed out.

We were headed to Timp Hospital, which meant we had to drive through he constructions to get get on the freeway and down to Orem. Maybe it was just our luck, but we were stopped by the sign guy so trucks could cross in front of us. i felt like I was in a movie when Mike had to stick his head out the window and beg the guy to let us pass because his wife was in labor. Finally he let us pass and then we got stuck on the freeway for a while(darn construction) But we made it to the hospital around 1:00.

As we walked in another couple came in with us the wife could barely walk and was crying through her contractions. I on the other hand was trying to stay calm and relaxed as I walked through my contractions. When we got the the check in counter the nurses commented that the other wife was clearly in labor and that I might be in labor. They sent us to a room to get check anyway. Luckily for me I was at a 3 and 90%b so they let me stay.(I later found out the other lady was only at a 1/2 cm. poor girl) My Contractions were still only 5 minutes apart but defiantly at full force. The nurse called my the anesthetist to come(he had to come from home) and set me up to the IV.

At around 2:30 The Anesthetist got there and gave me my epidermal. He had just laid me down and was checking all my tubes and wires. telling me about the happy button(which I never use) when my water broke. The nurse decided to check me and found that I had gone from about a 4 to a 10 in about 7 minutes. Mike asked if he could go grab his camera and she said if he ran. Then she started making calls and a whole brigade of nurses came hustling in to set up for the delivery. Mike got back and the Dr walked in. 2 contractions later(about 5 pushes) and we had a little girl. Total time spent in the hospital before she came was a little under 2 hours. I'm glad they didn't send us home.

It took us all day but we finally decided on a name around 8 at night. Hanna Capri Warner made he debut into the world at 2:49 am Saturday July 17th 2010. She is such a good baby and her big brother could love her more.

Here are some pictures of her.


Britt said...

Cute! I love the pictures. And I'm still jealous of all her hair. My kids are doomed to be baldish. :)

Shad and Brittany said...

Cute!!! Jacks, I totally think she is so adorable. I'm so jealous that you are done being pregnant. I will be induced in 10 days, (I think I can endure). Congrats on your new addition. She's gorgeous.


Bentley +1 said...

Congratulations! She is just beautiful! Thanks for posting some pictures. They are adorable!

Stacy and Blair said...

She is beautiful! It was good for me to read your labor story. I think I"ll totally be the type to go in too early, so it's good for me to realize that it can still be days before I actually need to go in even if I'm having contractions! Thanks for the lesson! Hope everything is going well.

Anonymous said...

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