Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coraline Movie

A friend at work showed me this website for the upcoming movie Coraline. If you go there and it will prompt you to enter some codes. You can enter any of these to watch the corresponding video.

- stopmotion : the biggest smallest movie ever made, Coraline

- buttoneyes : let’s meet the cast of Coraline

- moustachio : art of stop motion applied to a man’s mustache in a short film

- armpithair : hair style is nothing random in Coraline

- puppetlove : Director henry Selick speaks about hi love for puppets!

- sweaterxxs : a featurette showing how the clothes worn by the puppets were made

They did an excellent job with their set. Here are two screen shots from one of the videos.

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boneck family said...

just saw the halloween costumes....NICE!