Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Boy

Yesterday I went to get Karver dressed and realized that he looked a lot bigger so tried a 0/3 month outfit on him and it fit. I can't believe he's already growing out of newborn clothes. Today he is 4 weeks old and it has gone so fast. It is amazing to me that babies can grow so much in such a short amount of time.

This picture is of Karver sleeping-funny this is exactly how Mike falls asleep=)


ali cross said...

Oh Jackie. He is beyond beautiful. What a precious little man!

Charlie and Xander say "hi" and they think he's so cute too!

Mary said...

He's adorable! It was fun to see him in person at the party yesterday.

Rania said...

like father like son. Isn't funny the small thing that we inherit from our parents

Brittany Gifford said...


I found your blog on Shiggy's blog. How the heck are you? I can't believe you live in Saratoga Springs! We live in Eagle Mountain! I will never forget my BYU-I Roommie! Your son is SO adorable!

Brittany Gifford said...

I forgot to tell you to check out my blog it is

boneck family said...

rania said what i was gonna say.

b-ryce said...

that is a good looking kid!